Emeritus / Retiree Parking Program

Please email retirees@uci.edu with any questions or concerns.

What is the Emeritus-Retiree Parking Program?

The Emeritus-Retiree Pilot Parking Program is a joint effort among the UCIRA, UCIEA, CER, UCI Transportation Services, and the UCI Division of Finance & Administration to encourage retiree engagement with UCI by offering complimentary parking on UCI's main campus. With this excellent program, UCI now joins some of our fellow UCs in making it easier for our own emeriti/retirees to visit and participate on campus.

How do I become part of this?

Retirees and Emeriti must not be in any paid working status with UCI and must have a paid membership to either (or both) by the upload date (typically the quarter prior to the new academic year).

The next membership drive will be December thru January and new members are slated to be added to the list by February.  For those that join after, there will be an additional upload in anticipation for the Fall quarter (typically in August).

How do I know if I am a member?

Email CER at retirees@uci.edu or call (949) 824 - 7769 to check your membership status.

Now that I am part of the program, what do I do?

As long as you have not returned to any paid working status, you may obtain your complimentary daily General (C) parking permit at any staffed parking kiosk (https://www.parking.uci.edu/parking/kiosks.cfm) by telling the attendant that you are “On the Guest List.”  You may be asked to show a photo ID (driver’s license is OK). 

Where can I park with the permit?

The permit will allow you to park in any General (C) parking spot on campus, in any lot. Permits are not valid in AR, P, or X parking spaces.

What are the limitations of the program?

Members may not be on paid “recall” status or be engaged in any other form of paid UCI employment. (This includes grants administered through the campus). You are limited to one permit per active UCIEA/RA membership per day.

If I join one of the Associations after the deadline, do I still qualify for permits through the parking program?

We are currently unable to upload new names to the system more than twice per year.  You may still obtain the 50% discounted permit (either "C" or "AR" permits) from any staffed parking kiosk (currently $7 or $9, respectively**) as an emeritus/retiree of UCI by showing your Retiree ID card to the attendant.  Should this change, we will notify all Retirees and Emeriti. If you do decide to join after the deadline and if the program is still available, you would be uploaded to the parking list the next upload date.

**PLEASE check these rates. Rates are as of November 2021 and will change in 2022**

How long does this program last?

The program is currently set to renew on an annual basis. It is set to run through July 2022. We are working on an extension of this program and will keep everyone informed. UCI Emeriti and Retirees may participate as long as the above criteria apply (valid UCI Emeriti Association or UCI Retirees Association membership and not in any paid capacity at UCI).

Please note:  The Center for Emeriti & Retirees (CER) works in conjunction with both the UCIRA and UCIEA as an UCI administrative branch/office.  CER advocates on behalf of all retirees and emeriti/ae regardless of membership status.  100% of UCIRA and UCIEA Association dues go directly to support the volunteer efforts of the UCIRA or UCIEA on behalf of all UCI retirees/emeriti-ae. The Parking Program is currently in its evaluation period.  Therefore, UCI Transportation Services is using UCIRA and UCIEA members as the sample group for this evaluation period.

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