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What is Zoom and how do I use it?

Zoom is online/virtual conferencing program. Many free events are hosted through Zoom. UCI retirees have FULL ACCESS to Zoom through your UCInetID. Please email our office at retirees@uci.edu for details.

Click here for online answers to many questions, such as:
  • "I am an instructor/faculty/staff and I would like to use Zoom. How do I get started?"
  • "Where do I download the Zoom client? How do I sign-in after downloading the client?"
  • "How can I quickly join/start a meeting?"
  • "I've tried understanding 'How to' and I'm still having issues"

How do I access my UCI (campus) Email?

To access your UCI Email go to https://email.oit.uci.edu/ to find out what portal is required to check your email. Login with your UCInetID username and password. NOTE: If you cannot remember your password click on the link I forgot my password and supply your date of birth, the last four digits of your SSN, and your UCI Former Employee ID number (UCPATH). If you have questions or problems, please call the UCI OIT office on campus at 949-824-2222.

How do I access my UCI (Med Center) Email?

To access your UCI Email go to https://outlook.office.com and login with your UCInetID username and password. NOTE: If you cannot remember your password call the HS Help Desk at 714-456-3333.

How do I get an Emeritus/Retiree ID Card?

This process is currently ON HOLD until campus reopens.  Please stay tuned and email retirees@uci.edu with any questions or concerns.

I get too much SPAM at my UCI email address.

You may set your SPAM settings higher to block these emails by logging in here: www.oit.uci.edu/kb/where-can-i-set-up-spam-filters. You are required to login with your UCInetID and password in order to change your SPAM settings & Filters. Also, please forward SPAM messages to Spam@uci.edu for evaluatation.

How does the Center for Emeriti & Retirees (CER) use my email address?

We (CER) do not share your email address or personal information with any other entity. You will only receive occasional emails and mailings from the UCI Center for Emeriti & Retirees (CER) regarding key information, discounts, and/or upcoming events that may be of interest to you.

Where can Retirees park on campus or at UCI Health (the Medical Center)?

If you are visiting the Center for Emeriti & Retirees (located inside the Newkirk Alumni Center), complimentary visitor spaces are limited.  You may also stop at any parking information kiosk to obtain day parking permits at a 50% discount rate. Alternatively, there are yellow parking permit dispensing machines in some lots where one may purchase a 1- or 2-hour parking permit for $1 and $2, respectively. Parking at UC Irvine Health requires all Visitors to park in the structure found off Dawn Way. There is a charge and the fee varies.

How can I find out about upcoming UCI Emeriti & Retirees events, like programs, walks, hikes, bike rides, and volunteer opportunities?

The CER website offers online information about upcoming events (programs, walks, hikes, volunteer opportunites, etc.)

Where can families find help with an aging family member?

GuidanceResources® is our assistance program to help you and your family deal with everyday challenges  by providing confidential counseling and resources for personal, financial, legal and work-life solutions.

Call: 844.UCI.EAP3 (824.3273) or Go online: Life Resources Program (LRP) liferesources.uci.edu

TDD: 800.697.0353 our company Web ID: UCILRP

Learn More About Your Life Resources Program (Administered by ComPsych® GuidanceResources) and Join Upcoming Webinars

Life is busy and full of unplanned challenges. To help our faculty, staff, emeriti, retirees and their families manage many of life's demands, UCI's Life Resources Program (LRP) is available. Administered by ComPsych® GuidanceResources, this program is free, voluntary, completely confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, there are no aging family programs available to retired faculty and staff through UC. However, Years Ahead (pilot program in 2013), a program available to employees, is available to the public. Years Ahead helps to assess your needs, evaluate, and select the right care for your family. Years Ahead provides in-home care, senior housing, memory care and hospice. They also help you understand costs and determine the best way to pay for senior care. They have put together a variety of government and private insurance programs that cover senior care. Government Insurance programs include Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran's Long Term Care. Private sources include Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medigap Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance and Life Settlements. Years Ahead also partners with Brookdale Senior Living, Emeritus Senior Living, Addus Healthcare and Lexington Place.

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