Retiree Benefits

(VIA /ARAG / Dental / Health Insurance / Medicare / VSP)

UC provides Medicare-eligible retirees and their families who live outside California a Medicare Coordinator Program, administered by Via Benefits.

UC sponsors a Medicare Coordinator Program for Medicare-eligible retirees and their eligible family members who live outside California. Via Benefits is the administrator for the Medicare Coordinator Program. See more at the VIA Benefits website. Read / download VIA Benefits FAQ (PDF)

If you opted to maintain the ARAG legal plan upon retirement the monthly premium is automatically deducted from your pension check. To verify, you may call ARAG’s Customer Care at 1-800-828-1395. To de-enroll from the ARAG legal plan, call the UC Office of the President (UCOP) 1-800-888-8267.

Delta Dental provides a dedicated webpage just for UC: On this page you may log in (or register if you haven’t already done so). Once logged in, you have access to your ID # (aka, Identification Number, Contract ID, Enrollee Number), shown in the upper left corner of the page. You may also print an ID card (same upper left corner of the page) by clicking on the words “My ID card.” According to their website: If you are enrolled with Delta Dental you should not need a physical ID card when visiting a Delta Dental dentist and simply providing your social security number or identification number to the dental office should allow them to verify your eligibility and benefits.

Medicare Insurance sets negotiated rates for services with each Health Insurance plan. Some services, such as an office visit, require a copayment. Other services have no copayments, such as diagnostic X-rays that you acquire from a provider who is in your network. Please consult your Health plan’s Coverage Summary which lists their copayments for individual services.

The short answer? No. Medicare Part B reimbursement is not taxable. Although the reimbursement is shown as a separate line item on your benefit check, it is, in essence, part of UC’s contributions toward your UC sponsored medical plan. As such, it is not taxable and is not reported or shown on your annual 1099R.

Generally, retirees and family members who enroll in Medicare have lower monthly premiums for their UC medical plan and may be eligible to receive a Part B reimbursement in their pension checks. The coordination between the UC medical plan and Medicare also results in greater coverage.

Your spouse and your family members are eligible for Medicare through you. For additional information about how your spouse may qualify for Medicare, contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), or visit their website: When your family member qualifies, contact UC Customer Service at 1-800-888-8267 for instructions on how to enroll.

As a retiree, you will contact VSP directly at 1-866-240-8344.  You will pay them directly as it does not come out of your pension check.  Visit the VSP for UC Retirees web page for more information.