Fidelity and UCRP

(Retirement Funds / Investment)

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Begin by calling Fidelity (800-343-0860) with your Fidelity Account # or SSN at hand (you will be required to enter this info, via your phone keypad, in order to be connected with a representative). A Fidelity Representative will then ask for further verification (your name, etc). If your account is designated with “Call in” privileges, the representative will continue with your request. If your account needs signed paperwork to complete the transfer process, Fidelity will send you paperwork to sign with further instructions.

Fidelity has Workplace Planning and Guidance Consultants available for one-on one meetings. You can contact Fidelity directly at 1-800-558-9182. Or, you can schedule a meeting with a Planning and Guidance Consultant (or Attend an Educational Workshop). Once on the site, choose either “One-on-One Consultation” or “Attend a Workshop”. Then click the orange “Continue” button. And then click the link for University of California and choose your location.

The rollover process can be done by phone by calling Fidelity at 800-343-0860. Typically, the transfer should be done with your financial adviser as he/she will have your other account information readily at hand during/for the transfer process.