UC Retiree Highlights

The 2020 survey report, “UC Retirees: Generous Talents, Enduring Community; University of California Retiree Activities; January 2017 through September 2020” (PDF), highlights the accomplishments and activities of University of California retirees who responded to a survey in fall 2020.

The report describes the extent to which respondents remained committed to UC’s mission, volunteering in their communities and for UC, providing professional services, publishing written works, caregiving and more. For many of these retirees, retirement did not signal a break from the University, but rather a shift in the relationship.

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Dr. Chang Sok Suh

UCI Retiree since 2016

Chang Sok Suh, MD, OMD, PhD, is Professor of Anatomy, Yuin University, a volunteer at the Willed Body Program at the UC Irvine College of Medicine and was also a recipient of the honorable President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama in 2014.

His publication, Acupuncture Anatomy: Regional Micro-Anatomy and Systemic Acupuncture Networks, integrates Western and Eastern medicine, providing a scientific foundation to acupuncture. By correlating detailed anatomical information with specific acupuncture points, the book opens a window into understanding the physiological basis of acupuncture medicine. The book’s bulleted format and numerous illustrations make it easy to read and understand. It is a valuable companion for those wanting to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, as it relates to acupuncture. 

His most recent research and teaching was with the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at UC Irvine and he served as speaker and coordinator for the “Introduction to Oriental Medicine” for first- year medical students sponsored by the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at UCI. He is a volunteer at the UCI Willed Body Program and occasionally teaches acupuncture anatomy classes to licensed California acupuncturists. His book has been strongly recommended for the college and university level student and for all hospital and clinical personnel.

Kevin and Ximena Ansel

UCI Retirees since 2016

Kevin and Ximena Ansel have always been outdoors people.  Since they both retired in 2016 they have had the time to enjoy what they love to do.  Upon their retirement the Ansels bicycled across the United States unsupported on their touring bikes.  They rode from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. They also discovered the joy of horseback riding and hit the dusty trail on a weekly basis.  Other travels include a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, other bicycle tours in Oregon and Arizona, and a cattle drive on horseback in Utah. 

The Ansels participate in the monthly UCI retiree walks, bike rides, and hikes.  These outings are a great way to get outside and meet other retirees.   Kevin states “It is a true joy to meet others who put in so many years of service on the main campus and at the medical center.”  Ximena encourages others to come to the outings and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow retirees.



UCI Retirees since 2007-2014

The group is comprised of Rachel Maus (founding member,
retired 2008 as Director of Finance at the Henry Samueli School of
Engineering), Jan Harper founding member, retired 2007 as Principal
Administrative Analyst in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and
Provost), Pat Price (founding member, retired 2012 as Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel), Nancy Gasparotti (retired 2010 as Degree-Works specialist for Registrar’s office), and Cindy Fern (retired 2014 as Director of Student Affairs for the School of Physical Sciences).

The members developed an interest in stitching in 2002 when
Nancy Minear, then Research and Evaluation Director for Student A_airs (passed away in 2012), showed co-workers a quilt she’d made. Colleagues expressed an interest, so she showed everyone how it was done. Thus began weekly lunch-hour sewing bees in Aldrich Hall.

From 2002 to 2012, the UCI Stars created one group quilt per year that was auctioned for charity. They raised over $20,000 for various charities including the Chao Family Cancer Center. In 2009, while still UCI staff members, the group was awarded the ‘Living Our Values’ staff team award
by Chancellor Michael Drake.

In retirement they have continued donating their individually made items to the cancer center –hundreds of quilts, pillows and tote bags made at monthly sew fests. Donna Baker, a licensed Clinical Social Worker, was the initial contact coordinating donations to the cancer center. Baker retired in 2014 and has now taken up quilting herself and joins the sew fests from time to time.